Sheena Summer-Special 10 days trip to the mantas and whalesharks

and the best dive spots in Male and Ari Atoll
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+ two variant 7 day tours than the usual trips
It is with great pleasure that we can offer you an authentic Maldivian diving experience.
We are offering two unique 10 day trips starting from Male (no additional transfer costs for Airtaxi) aboard our safari boat “MY Sheena” at North-Male, South-Male and Ari Atoll.

We will begin our tour in South-Male Atoll at spots like Kandoomaa Tila and Guraidhoo Corner.
Our trips take place during the whale shark and manta season in Ari Atoll at Mamigili Outside. Chances to dive there with these giants are really high! More highlights in the Southern Ari Atoll are for example Broken Rock, Lucky Hell and Panetone. In the Northern Ari Atoll we will dive at spots like Malhoos Tila, Fish Head and Mayaa Tila.

From there we will continue to Rasdhoo Atoll to see the hammerheads.

Back in North-Male Atoll, we will dive legendary places like Finger Point, Helengeli Tila and Manta Point to complete this extraordinary trip.
The tour is suitable for advanced divers only, due to expected strong current conditions & channel crossings. We therefore require a minimum number of 60 logged dives.
To put it in a nutshell: Maldivian diving in its purest form!

Schedule 2017:
27th August - 6th September 2017 (10 nights)
07th September - 17th September 2017 (10 nights)

Prices per person:
up from Euro 2.260,- incl. 8% GST

Schedule 2018:
26th August - 5th September 2018 (10 nights)
06th September - 16th September 2018 (10 nights)

Prices per person:
up from Euro 2.370,- incl. 8% GST

Services included:
From Male, accommodation in a double cabin with AC and en-suite bathroom (shower/toilet). Full board including tea, coffee and water. Up to 3 dives a day (including cylinders & weights).
Since our 10-day trips start and end in Male, the preceding and the succeeding tours, respectively, need only one Airtaxi transfer.
The tour from 20.08. to 27.08.2017 / 19.08. to 26.08.2018 will not end like usual in Filitheyo, instead it will end in Male.
Similarly, the tour from 17.09. to 24.09.2017 / 16.09. to 23.09.2018 will begin in Male and end in Filitheyo.
In addition to the sites visited on the regular Sheena safaris, we will offer on both trips dives at top sites in South-Ari and Felidhoo Atoll.

The rates for these trips are same as our regular 7 days trips – but Airtaxi transfers will be needed only for one way!
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