Werner Lau Buddyweeks = If you pre-book a diving package or a diving course, the first diver pays the regular price and his/her buddy will only pay 50% for the same package or course.

The Buddyweeks are available for the following travel periods and destinations:

Pondok Sari and Matahari - Bali

Travel period:

01.05.2017 - 30.06.2017 (latest starting date)

Note: The Buddyweeks are not available at the Alam Anda and the Siddhartha.
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Bathala, Hondaafushi, Filitheyo, Medhufushi - Maldives

Travel period:
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15.05.2017 - 31.07.2017 (latest starting date)

On the Maldives the Buddyweeks also apply for pre-booked boat trips online via www.wernerlau.com. In this case both buddies need to book the same amount of boat trips!

Just write under 'remarks' at the end of the booking form "buddyweeks" and the package/course for your buddy will only be invoiced with 50 %.

This offer cannot be combined with other discounts.
Further information you will get at office@wernerlau.com or phone +49 40 692 105 38.
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