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Boat dive
Short Briefing : * Difficulty : 2 * Current : 1 to 2 * Although there are not many, the remains of the Turkish vessel cargo are interesting. * The multicoloured Alcyonarians are beautiful. * The most interesting part lies at about 20 meters' depth. * Site suitable for snorkeling. * Sometimes the local current can be strong and visibility may be limited. * Finding the fragments of amphoras is not easy, so you must look around carefully. The name of this site derives from 17th century shipwreck of a Turkish vessel with cargo of amphorae containing mercury. Amphoras lies southwest of Tower, on a line with the northern tip of the Ritz Carlton hotel, and is also accessible by land. The topography is quite simple: there is a sandy slope that begins at a depth of about a dozen meters and has some coral pinnacles of various shapes with a crust of a huge number of multicoloured Alcyonarians belonging to Dendronephthya genus, that create a sort of magnificent garden. Glassfish (Parapriacanthus guentheri) swim among the red Alcyonarians and above all in the crevices. At a depth of 25-28 meters, firmly stuck into the reef, you can still see the stock of the original anchor of the ship with inscriptions as well as fragments of the amphoras from the wreck (which has virtually disappeared). A few dozen meters to the south, at a depth of 24 meters, you will discover a large, more recent anchor with a long chain. Some beautiful large gorgonians lie in the deepest section of the slope, towards the drop-off, at about 30 meters' depth.

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