Far Garden

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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 2 * Current : 1 to 2 * This site is usually sheltered from waves and wind. * A wealth of corals and reef fish. * Many Scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis sp.) and Nudibranchia mollusks, which can be seen mostly at night. * A suitable site for snorkeling. * The current, which generally runs eastwards, tends to get stronger the closer it is to the headland. * Do not dive too deeply, especially in the vicinity of The Cathedral. Far Garden is situated in the northernmost part of a splendid bay just north of Naama Bay. Because of the many madreporic formations and their configuration, Far Garden is considered a veritable underwater garden. It differs from the other localities in the bay, since there is a series of large madreporic pinnacles located between the ledge along the reef and the drop-off, which becomes gradually steeper in an eastward direction. Here you can make either a circling loop dive (dive A) or a drift dive (B). The first dive allows you to explore the pinnacles, which are about thirty meters from one another and feature an extraordinary outcrop of both stony and soft corals. They are frequented by a great number of reef fish, small Anthias, Lionfish (Pteoris volitans), Suez fusiliers (Caesio suevicus) and Sergeant majors (Abudefduf saxatilis). Continue east until you reach a cave - the entrance of which is crowned by a colony of Porites lutea coral - that opens out at 5 meters' depth and houses a large school of glassfish (Parapriacanthus guentheri). An alternative, if weather conditions are favourable, is to make a drift dive from this cave, descending diagonally to 30 meters' depth, where you will see, from above, the top of a majestic and vast overhang known as The Cathedral that opens out at a depth of about 45 meters and penetrates the reef for a dozen meters. From this point you can begin resurfacing by skirting the headland.

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