Komoran Wrack

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Dive area  Straße von Tiran
Travel time  110 minutes


Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 * Current : 1 to 3 * The only dive onto a wreck suitable for OW divers. * The wreck is easy to reach and spot. * Some parts of the ship are really well preserved. * Interesting views for photography buffs. * Dives must be made in a calm sea, preferably in the afternoon. In August 1984 the Kormoran, built in 1963 in the Rostock shipyards (Germany), was coming from Aqaba with a cargo of phosphate when an error in navigation caused it to hit the reef bordering the island of Tiran (Laguna Reef). The impact was tremendous and the vessel, which at the time had been renamed Zingara and was part of the fleet of an Italian shipping company, the Compagnia Montemare di Navigazione, lost almost all of ist bow, two large cracks opened on ist left side and the superstructure was irreparably damaged. Now scuba divers at Sharm el-Sheikh can enjoy the new and interesting experience of going to see the wreck, which is still relatively unknown. A few minutes from the North Laguna beacon, lying on the bottom at a rather shallow depth, the Kormoran, which is about 80 meters long, is easy to find because ist stern is partly above the surface. There is no difficulty in diving here, but it must be done when the sea is calm to ensure good visibility. The best conditions for a dive are usually in the afternoon, when the tide changes and the current is at ist slowest. The stern, propeller, motor, rudder and winch on the deck are well preserved and the name of the ship on the bow side still clearly legible.

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