Laguna Reef

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Dive area  Straße von Tiran
Travel time  85 minutes


Boat dive
* Difficulty : 2 to 3 * Current : 1 to 3 * Rich in coral and reef fauna. * Possibility to observe Leopard sharks and Whitetip reef sharks, especially on the plateau in front of the South Laguna beacon. * A good alternative when the other sites in the strait are too crowded. * Dives should be made only in suitable weather conditions. * Carefully note the direction of the current before diving. The western side of Tiran island is bordered by a madreporic formation standing over a splendid coral lagoon with an average depth of 10-12 meters. A transverse stony coral wall divides the lagoon in two parts - North and South Laguna - which are both marked by a beacon. South Laguna, the larger of the two, is the best mooring point in the region and offers safe shelter from any unfavourable sea conditions. Ist marvellous turquoise waters are a truly unforgettable sight. You can access South Laguna by going round ist beacon. The outer side of Laguna Reef is an interesting diving site in the area between the North Laguna beacon (which is green and white) and the South Laguna one (green). This area is strongly influenced by tidal currents which will determine the southerly or northerly direction of your dives, which should be made preferably in the afternoon. South of the South Laguna beacon, at a depth of 15-25 meters, is a wide plateau with large table corals (Acropora sp.) that narrows gradually in a northward direction, becoming a steep wall rich in reef fauna that swims among numerous species of stony and soft corals and some gorgonians. Near North Laguna there is another plateau with many colonies of table corals and fire corals.

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