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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 * Current : 1 to 2 * Easy diving that allows you to observe many species of multicoloured Alcyonarians, sponges and a fairly wide variety of corals. * A suitable site for night dives and snorkeling. * Beware of the many glass-bottom boats that pass near the reef without any regard whatsoever for divers. This is the diving site closest to Naama Bay and the most southerly of the Gardens. Unfortunately, because of the excessive number of divers and the debris deposited on the corals during the construction of the hotel complex above it, this locality has lost much of ist original allure. Near the reef is a vast whitish area with a great number of dead madrepores, often called the dead area. Despite the above disadvantages Near Garden still remains a good alternative for afternoon and night dives. Diving begins from a boat moored on the 'shamandura' fixed to the bottom at 15 meters depth. Descend onto a sandy plateau at about 15-20 meters that is bordered on the edge of the drop-off by a series of stony coral heads, and then proceed to a beautiful chain of pinnacles running in a northwest-southeast direction that become deeper and deeper. After passing this underwater ridge, go northwards to explore the numerous gullies in the reef by crossing a narrow passageway between two madreporic formations inhabited by a colony of Glassfish (Parapriacanthus guentheri). During your dive you will come upon many Blue spotted stingrays (Taeniura lymma), Napoleon fish (Cheilinus undulatus), Orange striped triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus) and Red-toothed triggerfish (Odonus niger).

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