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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 to 2 * Current : 1 to 2 * Easy diving without any problem. * A varied and colourful landscape. * Large areas of soft coral growth. * A wealth of reef fauna. * Suitable for night diving. * Check the direction of the current. * The best time for your dive is at ebb tide when the current, which runs south, is fastest. Although ist conformation is similar to Amphoras and Turtle Bay and, indeed, is common to this entire stretch of coast, Paradise differs in the taller coral pinnacles that rise on the slope between the reef ledge and the drop-off. Here these towers look like sculpture pieces with a variety of hues due to the growth of red, pinkish and yellow Alcyonarians (genus Dendronephthya). The overall effect is a magnificent environment that is unique in ist kind. This site extends between the two small beaches on a line with the Royal Paradise Resort. Access can be gained from the shore by asking the diving centre there. However, the classic dive is a drift dive to the south from a boat. After descending for 24-28 meters, near the drop-off area and keeping the reef to your left, you can glide through the pinkish pinnacles that are sometimes crowned with Acropora sp. Other larger table corals grow on the bottom, from which some gorgonians also break loose. By going through this superb marine landscape you will be able to admire a host of reef fauna, from Parrotfish to the large Napoleon fish, swarms of Butterfly fish and the ever-present Anthias, not to mention some beautiful morays that dwell in the gorges of the pinnacles, especially in the southernmost part of the dive.

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