Pinky Wall

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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 2 * Current : up to 1 * An impressive marine landscape that is unusual for the Sharm el-Sheikh diving sites. * Extraordinarily rich in multicoloured Alcyonarian corals. * Dive only when the sea is calm. * Be careful of your depth. This is the first of a long series of diving sites between Tower and Ras Umm Sid. Strangely enough, despite the sheer beauty of this wall dive site, which was named after the multitude of pink Alcyonarian corals, there are very few guides who know Pinky Wall and take divers there. It is accessible from land, via the artificial beach in the Reef Two tourist village about one kilo-meter south of Tower. If you arrive by boat you will have to make a drift dive, since there is no mooring. The configuration of the reef is quite different here from the other sites because the coral platform that generally follows the shoreline is very narrow and the steep wall, which is mostly studded with soft Dendronephthya sp. Alcyonarians, immediately plunges precipitously for a depth of more than 180 meters. You must dive by keeping the reef to your left and at an average depth of about 15 meters, because this is where you will see the largest concentration of soft Alcyonarian corals. Moving northeast you will note some majestic gullies in the steep vertical wall that follow one another in sequence, giving the impression of organ pipes. If current conditions are favourable you can double back with drift dive in the opposite direction and go as far as the Amphoras site.

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