Ras Katy

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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 * Current : 1 * Easy dives suitable for beginners and check dives. * Rich reef fauna in an interesting underwater environment. * This site is recommended for night dives and snorkeling. * Diving is best in the afternoon. * Beware of the Triggerfish during the nesting period. Ras Katy is a few hundred meters west of Temple and in some respects has a similar configuration. Boats usually moor from the bow side at the 'shamandura', which is located near a large coral pinnacle. Since this site is well sheltered from prevailing winds you can moor there without any problem. Dives are made at the coral pinnacle which rises up from a sandy plateau which stretches from a depth of about 5 meters to 16-18 meters where the reef drops off. Here you will find gorgonian fan corals. While exploring the plateau you will see two more coral pinnacles a few dozen meters from one another that are filled with Alcyonarians with numerous specimens of Lithophython arboreum, or Broccoli coral. These pinnacles are a favourite haunt of abundant and varied reef fauna, especially Anthias and Butterfly fish (the genera Chaetodon and Heniochus). Hidden in crevices on the pinnacles you will see Glassfish, Lionfish and Bigeyes, while along the sandy bottom there are Crocodile fish (Cociella crocodila), Blue spotted stingrays (Taeniura lymma) and some Scorpion fish (Scorpaenopsis sp.). Sometimes, when the tide is rising, you may come upon a rather strong local current that will allow you to make a drift dive towards Temple (about 400 m away),going over numerous coral formations and large Acroporidae.

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