Ras Nasrani

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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 to 2 * Current : 1 to 2 * Easy diving which will allow you to observe pelagic fish such as tuna, Jackfish and barracuda. * A good spot for night diving, during which you can see a great many Nudibranchia mollusks such as the Hexabranchus sangineus (Spanish dancer). * The current may become very strong around the cape. The name of this locality means Christian cape in Arabic. It lies 11 kilo-meters north of Naama Bay and immediately south of Ras Ghamila. Ras Nasrani can also be reached by land: take the road leading to the Baron and Conrad International hotels and go down towards the beautiful white sand beach before a large water tank situated on the promontory to the left of the road. However, the classic dive is usually made from boats, either drift dives or circling loop dives. The diving is done from a small sandy plateau that begins at a depth of about 6 meters, where a sand flow originates. At 12 meters' depth you can see a lovely example of red anemone. Then you head northwards towards the cape, taking advantage of the current, which ranges from weak to moderate and tends to get faster near the headland. After you have passed some large gorgonians located at about 20 meters' depth, you will come upon large colonies of mushroom-shaped Porites coral heads; These become even more numerous beyond the cape. The dive goes through the zone between the reef slope, which has many small shelters studded with multicoloured Alcyonarians, and the drop-off situated about 30 meters away. Ras Nasrani is the ideal spot to observe the bivalve mollusc Tridacna sp., being the area with the highest population density of this creature in the entire Red Sea.

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