Ras Za'atar

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Dive area  Ras Mohammed
Travel time  70 minutes


Boat dive
* Difficulty : 2 * Current : 1 to 2 * A splendid wall covered with multicoloured Alcyonarians. * On a level with the chimney further north there is a spectacular landscape. * In the blue there are many schools of Jackfish and barracuda hunting for prey. * Keep at a depth of 15 meters to avoid missing the chimney. * The current may get stronger arround the cape. This is the steep rocky promontory, 9.6 miles from Naama Bay and 5.9 miles from Ras Umm Sid, that delimits the Marsa Bareika inlet to the south and plunges almost vertically into the Red Sea. The lack of a 'shamandura' means you have to make a drift dive that skirts the cape. This may be done in both directions, depending on the current; the most frequent moves northeast, with the reef on your left. Since the most interesting part of the dive is around the headland, it is important to start your dive past the large crevice that can be seen on the coastline. After descending for 28-30 meters to observe some lovely gorgonians and colonies of black coral (Antipathes dichotoma), it is a good idea to go up to about 15 meters' depth to investigate the reef wall, which is full of life and studded with red and pink Alcyonarians. While there, do not miss the spectacular wide split (preceded by a similar but less impressive one) that begins precisely at this depth and narrows towards the surface, becoming a true chimney. In these recesses you will see the typical inhabitants of gullies and crevices such as Lionfish, Glassfish and some large Malabar groupers (Epinephelus malabaricus). Once past the tip of the wall, turn into Marsa Bareika Bay, where there is a partly sandy slope with many coral pinnacles that create a coral garden frequented by a great number of reef fish and even some sea turtles.

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Ras Mohammed

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Sharm el Sheikh Marsa Alam