Shark Bay

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Landbased dive
* Difficulty : 1 to 2 * Current : 1 * A perfect place for beginners or inexperienced divers and for check dives. * You may see Manta rays, especially during the summer. * Very good night diving, when you can see many Gastropoda, Echinoderms, Lionfish and calamari. * The bay is often very crowded. * Because of widespread plankton the water is sometimes murky (especially in summer). * The sandy floor is not very clean in several points. * During your night dives you can observe the rare Conus textile cone shell. Contrary to what one might expect, this bay is not frequented by sharks but only by crowds of tourists attracted by the lovely sand beach that borders the entire bay. It seems that the name Shark Bay derives from the fact that local fishermen once came here to unload the sharks they had caught. At the northern part of the bay is the Shark Bay Resort, with a diving centre and a first-rate restaurant featuring fresh fish cooked in the traditional Bedouin manner. The south-western side of the bay is occupied by the Pyramisa Hotel and is open only to hotel guests. Shark Bay is easy to reach by car via a paved road. There is an entrance fee at the Shark Bay Resort beach, from which you can dive directly into the water. Those who want to dive from boats can moor at the 'shamandura' in the bay. The classic dive runs through some large madreporic formations that rise from the sandy floor - where you can see Crocodile fish, Scorpion fish, Torpedo rays and Stonefish - and it ends at the deep sandy canyon for a depth of 30 meters, head west at 18 meters to explore a sandy plateau and the reef ledge, which has a remarkable variety of stony and soft corals (Alcyonarians).

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