Shark Observatory

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Dive area  Ras Mohammed
Travel time  85 minutes


Boat dive
* Difficulty : 2 * Current : 1 to 2 * Superb marine landscape. * The chance to see large pelagic predators. * Check the direction of the current; it is better to dive when the tide is ebbing. * Stay at a depth of 15-20 meters and go up to 8-5 meters in the last phase of your dive. * The afternoon is ideal for obseving the spectacular effects of the light. This name indicates not only the first balcony on the top of the Ras Mohammed promontory, but also the diving site that is on a level with that promontory. This is a magnificent wall dive, also known as the Ras Mohammed Wall: while looking down into the deep blue, you can admire a grandiose environment and at the same time see large pelagic predators (even some Whale sharks have been seen in this area time and again). Although many divers today dive before Shark Observatory Bay, the classic and more striking dive begins not far from the second balcony on the cliff (A). After descending for about 15 meters you can explore the wall on your left, which is rich in Alcyonarians, gullies, shelters and caves swarming with life, without losing sight of the blue, from which Jackfish, barracuda and some sharks might suddenly appear. On a line with the southern corner of the promontory the wall takes a sharp turn westwards and runs towards the small beach under the observatory: here you will see some large gorgonians (subergorgia hicksoni) and, further up, a majestic overhang. Continue along the wall until you enter an extremely beautiful cave that has a large fissure in ist top through which light filters. From this opening you can exit onto the reef.

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Ras Mohammed

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Sharm el Sheikh Marsa Alam