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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 to 2 * Current : 1 to 2 * An easy dive that allows you to observe many species of coral, both soft and stony, and a wide range of reef fauna. * This site is less frequented than Tower. * Before making your dive, check the direction of the current; if it is going northwards (flood tide), change the direction of your dive. This site is immediately northeast of the much better-known and more popular Tower, on a level with a small promontory jutting into the sea, on which four large tourist villages have been built: the Tower Club, Sharm Club and, behind these two, the New Tower Club and Club Reef. You can dive directly from the Tower Club area, which can be reached by taking the paved road that begins a short way from the Mobile gasoline station between Naama Bay and Sharm el-Sheikh. The beach in this tourist village has a floating jetty which is, however, only for Tower Club guests; this is the reason why dives are usually made from a boat and are therefore of the drift variety. Dive opposite the floating jetty. The classic dive goes along the sandy slope at an average depth of about 15 meters, between the reef ledge and the drop-off at 25 meters' depth. On the sandy slope with the coral pinnacles and near the drop-off, you will see some large gorgonians at a depth of 20-22 meters. If the current is going in the right direction and is strong enough, you can reach the Tower canyon, about 700 meters away.

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