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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 * Current : 1 * Easy dive: a site suitable for check dives and relatively inexperienced divers. * An interesting underwater landscape rich in stony and soft corals. * Excellent for night dives and snorkeling. * During night dives you should have a compass to get back easily to your boat. * Do not get too close to the triggerfish, especially during the nesting period, as they may attack you. This site lies in the middle of a large bay between Ras Umm Sid and Ras Katy that is bordered by a tall cliff of fossil coral on which two large tourist villages have been built - Farana King Snefru and Reef Oasis. On a vast sandy plateau at a depth of 6-24 meters there are three coral pillars that resemble the columns of an ancient temple, hence the name given to this site by the first divers in the early 1970s. Two moorings at either side of the largest pillar, which touches the surface, make it easy to tie up your boat, which is made even easier by the total lack of wind and waves in this sheltered bay. Temple is one of the most popular sites in the area because it guarantees easy diving without any technical problems in any weather condition. Although it has certainly suffered from overcrowding, the site is still rather interesting and is particularly suitable for night dives. Furthermore, the presence of many species of Butterfly fish, Angelfish and especially Arabian angelfish (Pomacanthus maculosus) and some Napoleon fish is virtually guaranteed. Since Temple is rather small, you can explore the site choosing you own diving route.

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