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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 to 2 * Current : up to 2 * A strikingly beautiful underwater landscape. * Rich in reef fauna, with many Parrotfish (Scarus sp. and Cetoscarus bicolor). * Various pelagic predator species. * A suitable site for snorkeling and night diving. * If you dive from the land make sure the tide is not low, because you may damage the reef. * Be careful of your depth in the canyon. * A depth of 5-20 meters is the most interesting for observing fauna. Tower is a spectacular diving site characterized by a deep canyon whose walls descend vertically for over 120 meters. It is accessible from the land, at the Tower Club tourist village. The classic dive begins at the small beach in the bay by the large fossil coral tower the site was named after. Diving from a boat is made easy because of a 'shamandura' (mooring point). If you dive from the shore, after having swum past the reef ledge that borders the bay and extends for a few dozen meters, you will find yourself over the deep canyon, with ist crystal-clear waters. By keeping the reef to your left and descending for 15 meters, you will soon reach the edge of a large, slightly inclined sandy plateau that runs at a depth of 12-25 meters and that has some coral pinnacles. You return by doubling back on the same dive, but this time swimming upwards at 12-5 meters to explore the crevices and caves, one of which has a school of Glassfish (Parapriacanthus guentheri). Before resurfacing, you should explore the two interesting large caves at the beginning of the canyon towards the beach, at about 5 meters' depth: they are populated by Lionfish, Glassfish, Bigeyes (Priacanthidae) and Cube boxfish (Ostracion cubicus). By diving from a boat you also have the opportunity to make a drift dive towards Sodfa.

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