Turtle Bay

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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 * Current : 1 to 2 * A quiet, never crowded site, ideal for the high season. * A wealth of soft and stony corals. * Dive only when the sea is calm. * You may come across a local current. This site lies immediately south of Amphoras and ist topographical conformation is quite similar: a slope with an average incline of 30° that runs at a depth of 9-25 meters and on which some coral pinnacles stand. The classic dive is a drift dive one both northwards and southwards, depending on the direction of the current - even though the latter is more frequent. After a descent to the edge of the drop-off, situated at a depth of about 25 meters (at the beginning of a vertical wall that goes down about 110 meters), you go back upon the slope, circling and exploring the low coral towers, among which there are some gorgonians at a depth of 10-18 meters on a line with two of the largest pinnacles. In the northernmost part of the dive you cross an area rich in madrepores and Alcyonarians that form a sort of coral garden on the edge of which are large serpentine Salad corals (Turbinaria mesenterina) and some large and mushroom-shaped coral heads made up of colonies of Porites sp. A mooring point (shamandura) allows you to make a circling dive. Snorkellers will be able to observe beautiful and varied reef fauna on the ledge that descends for 6 meters and is a continuation of the reef outcrop that borders the beach.

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