White Knight

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Boat dive
* Difficulty : 1 * Current : 1 * A grandiose, spectacular marine environment. * You can observe interesting madrepores. * The site is rather well sheltered from the wind and waves. * Manta rays (manta birostris) may be seen, especially in summer afternoons. * Avoid going below the maximum depth allowed in the Canyon (30 m). White Knight is a small bay bordered by a rather well developed reef with a large crevice that opens onto a sandy plateau from 6 to 18 meters deep. Here there is a mooring point (shamandura) near a colony of Garden eels (Gorgasia sillneri). On the south-western side of the bay, at a depth of 8 meters, is a beautiful canyon with a sandy floor that descends to a depth of 38 meters. The eastern side of this canyon is composed of two hard coral buttresses on which you will see a large Acropore formation and serpentine Salad coral (Turbinaria mesenterina). Next to the entrance of the canyon is a tunnel that begins at 10 meters' depth and opens into the canyon at 13 meters. If you descend to 19 meters you will see a metal drum that marks the opening of a cave, while at 21 meters on the opposite side there is another cave. Lastly is a small ledge at 27 meters over a precipice which is a veritable sand flow that inspired the name given to this site a few years ago - Wichita Falls. On the left-hand side of this ledge is the entrance to a third cave which, surprisingly, runs steeply upwards, from the overhang you can go both northwards, doubling back to the starting point, or to the southwest to see the wreck of Noose One, a diving boat that sank in 1994 after a fire and that lies upside-down at a depth of 15 meters.

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