Woodhouse Reef

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Dive area  Straße von Tiran
Travel time  85 minutes


Boat dive
* Difficulty : 2 to 3 * Current : 1 to 3 * One of the best sites for observing sharks (Whitetip reef shark, Grey reef shark, Leopard shark and Hammerhead shark), Spotted eagle rays and sea turtles (Eretmochelys sp). * An abundance of corals. * The marine environment is beautiful, especially around the canyon. * Begin the dive after having passed the midway point of the reef. * Avoid venturing far into the canyon. * Be careful of the current, which tends to get stronger towards the northern end of the reef. Located between Thomas Reef and Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef is narrow and long and thus offers no shelter at all to boats and has no fixed moorings. Consequently scuba divers in this spot must make a drift dive - and this must be done only in good weather. The best time is usually the morning. The most interesting part of the reef, which is 0.75 miles long, is the northern half of the eastern side, with a canyon that opens out at a depth of 30 meters and runs parallel to the main axis of the reef until it reaches a sandy ledge. This latter widens northwards and rises for 14 meters, leading to the saddle that connects the Woodhouse and Jackson reefs. For the entire route the water is remarkably clear and it is quite easy to see jackfish, sea turtles, sharks and a great many corals, both stony and soft, including some colonies of black coral (Antipathes sp.) that are at a depth of about 22-26 meters. It is advisable to end your dive before the saddle, especially when there are waves and currents, because you may come upon a dangerous, powerful eddy; in fact many local scuba divers have nicknamed this point the washing machine, which can be crossed only in the best weather conditions.

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