What is Technical Diving ?

Technical diving is any type of diving activity that takes place beyond the limits of recreational diving, with regard to time spent underwater, greater depths, or the addition of specialised equipment that is not usually seen or used in recreational diving. Technical diving allows you to utilize specialised equipment to spend extra time at any depth you want from shallow to beyond 100m!!
© copyright by Werner Lau Diving Centers
© copyright by Werner Lau Diving Centers

You will begin to use different types of equipment configurations from twin tanks, for extra gas supply, or even Closed Circuit Rebreathers to discover the utterly silent world with almost perfect buoyancy. The aim of Technical Diving Courses is to make you self-sufficient, to deal with any problems that might occur during any one of your underwater experiences. It is also aimed to give you the knowledge in equipment and theory to be able to safely plan and execute dives that are well beyond the recreational no decompression limits in depth, time or even both.
Werner Lau Tek is managed by Antonio Bresciani, a Gue Instructor, JJ Rebreather Instructor, Padi Course Director and Trimix Trainer. He is supported by Federica Pracchi who is knowledgeable GUe Trimix Diver and Padi 50 Instructor.
Antonio has been in the industry many years and maintains an extremely high standard of courses and diving.

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