Please find our local diving rates below.

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Single Dives
House reef dive 25.30 Euro
Local boat dive AlamAnda   » Details 38.50 Euro
Night dive at the house reef 37.40 Euro
Handling fee per tank 0.66 Euro
15 Liter tank / per tank 3.30 Euro
Nitrox filling   » Details
Daytrips from AlamAnda
East Bali (Kubu, Tulamben) 93.50 Euro
Tulamben Batu Kelebit 104.50 Euro
Special: afternoon dive Tulamben + 1 night dive SS Liberty 110.- Euro
Amed   » Details 121.- Euro
Lovina 110.- Euro
Shark Point / Blue Lagoon 137.50 Euro
Nusa Penida / Mantapoint 165.- Euro
Menjangan 159.50 Euro
Secret Bay 159.50 Euro
Dive Package
10 dives 385.- Euro
20 dives 737.- Euro
5 days non limit house reef Alam Anda 286.- Euro
Additional to Diving packages
Additional local dive after completion of a 10 or 20 dives package 35.20 Euro
Additional house reef dive after completion of a 10 or 20 dives package 22.- Euro
Additional daytrip dives after completion of a 10 or 20 dives package minus €3,- / dive
Surcharge for the local and pre-booked Dive Packages
Tulamben 5.50 Euro
Tulamben - Batu Kelebit 16.50 Euro
Tulamben - Liberty Wrack afternoon + nightdive 22.- Euro
AMED   » Details 44.- Euro
PADANGBAI   » Details 60.50 Euro
PADANGBAI   » Details 88.- Euro
MENJANGAN + SECRET BAY   » Details 82.50 Euro
Lovina 33.- Euro
Surcharge for non-limit house reef
local boat tour per dive 13.20 Euro
Kubu / Tulamben (Bali East) 42.90 Euro
Tulamben - Batu Kelebit 53.90 Euro
Tulamben - Liberty Wrack afternoon + nightdive 59.40 Euro
Lovina 59.40 Euro
AMED   » Details 70.40 Euro
PADANGBAI   » Details 86.90 Euro
Nusa Penida   » Details 114.40 Euro
MENJANGAN + SECRET BAY   » Details 108.90 Euro
house reef guide 11.- Euro
Diving Courses
Trial diving (1 dive) 77.- Euro
PADI Referal (per dive) 71.50 Euro
SSI Open Water Diver course   » Details 396.- Euro
SSI Advanced Adventurer course   » Details 330.- Euro
SSI Nitrox Course   » Details 99.- Euro
Refresher Kurs 66.- Euro
Certification fee 49.50 Euro
Certification fee PADI Course 121.- Euro
Other Speciality Courses
Speciality courses incl. 2 dives (e.g. Drift, Night) 132.- Euro
Speciality courses incl. 4 dives (e.g. Orientation)   » Details 264.- Euro
Rescue course (on request) 396.- Euro
Divemaster / DiveCon course (on request) 792.- Euro
Rental Equipment in Euro € (per day)
Complete snorkelling equipment   » Details 8.80 Euro
Jacket (BCD) 6.60 Euro
Regulator 6.60 Euro
Wetsuit 6.60 Euro
Complete equipment 'Scuba'   » Details 26.40 Euro
Computer 6.60 Euro
Torch per dive 6.60 Euro
Digital camera (1 dive) 22.- Euro
Digital camera (2 dives) 33.- Euro
Safety Buoy (per stay) 5.50 Euro

Important Notes:

Subject to change !

At all Werner Lau Diving Centers: NITROX-Diving FREE OF CHARGE
*All local rates include 10 % sales tax.*
Diving courses: The minimum age to participate in the Open Water Course is 10 years. A Bubble Maker dive is done in the pool or sea (when conditions allow), maximal depth 2m.
  • Open Water Diver Course The course for this worldwide accepted international diving certificate lasts 3-4 days and includes theory, a theory exam and 6 practical sessions. The price includes rental equipment, loan of textbooks and the cost of a log book. The start of the course is by arrangement. An additional certification fee must be paid locally ( SSI 49,50 EUR, I.A.C. 49,50 EUR, PADI 121 EUR).
  • Nitrox Course The price includes theory and loan of textbooks.An additional certification fee must be paid locally ( SSI 49,50 EUR, I.A.C. 49,50 EUR, PADI 121 EUR).
  • Advanced Course For the Advanced Course you must already be in possession of the CMAS 1* or SSI/PADI OWD qualification. The course lasts 2-3 days and includes 5 dives and loan of text books, rental equipment excluded. An additional certification fee must be paid locally ( SSI 49,50 EUR, I.A.C. 49,50 EUR, PADI 121 EUR).
  • Rental equipment is included in the price of introductory course and open water diver course; in all other courses it is not included.
Our diving packages at Alam Anda Ocean Front Resort & Spa include:
  • Tank and weights. Day trips also include lunch box, soft drinks and water.
  • Dives by mini bus or boat transfer to Angels Canyon, Batu Karang, Benben Garden, Camplung, Coral Stairs, Gumi Cenik, Les Paradise, Oasis, Out Of Eden, Tembok, Waru Point and Kubu (Drop Off und Coral Garden)
  • Dives and night dives at the house reef
  • Additional local surcharge for dives from Tulamben, Amed, Padangbai, Nusa Penida, Lovina und Menjangan
  • The package "5 Days Non Limit House Reef" includes unlimited diving (also night dives) at the house reef during 5 days without a guide!
  • Extra local charge of 0,66 EUR per tank for tank service.
  • Nitrox for free
  • Moreover, the 5 days resp. 10 dives / 20 dives package include a 30 min. Santaimassage (collectible by arrangement between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm). Regardless of the number of booked diving packages, only 1 free massage per stay is granted.
Medical Statement: A medical examination is always advisable prior to participating in scuba diving activities, but only required if one or more questions in the medical statement have to be answered with a “yes”.
General information:
  • pre-booked diving packages and courses are personal and cannot be transferred or charged against other benefits.
  • In case of accident or illness, you can be sure that a customer friendly solution will be found. E.g., if you become ill after 2 days, you will pay for the dives already made locally (see local rates). The pre-paid dive package will be refunded through our office in Germany. A handling fee of EUR 10,- plus bank fees will be deducted from the refund.
IAC (International Aquanautic Club) is a member of RSTC and CMAS Germany and therefore IAC certifications are recognized worldwide, also by other dive organizations such as PADI and SSI.