House Reef

The two breakwaters in the West in front of the hotel form the reef for course dives. This is ideal and there is no easier or more comfortable way to learn how to dive. The barriers are 80 to 100 metres long and were built out of boulders in 1999. As part of the programme “Oxy goes Eco”, a small artificial reef was set up in 2004. This reef can already be explored during course dives. An underwater nature trail was added in 2005.

Since then a remarkable flora and fauna has developed there. Numerous blennies are living between the rocks. During the summer months, octopuses can be found in the crevices. Sand smelts and sardines can be seen in the open water. One of the eastern breakwaters is home to a small school of barracuda. With a bit of luck seahorses can be seen as well.