Welcome to Cyprus

In Cyprus, you can enjoy one of the longest diving seasons of the Mediterranean Sea. The water along the coastline is warm and clear, tides are regular and visibility is up to 30-40 metres. Diving conditions are very good. A mystical and fascinating underwater world awaits you.

The Aldiana Cyprus is open from 04 July to 08 November 2020.

For visitors who never had a chance to dive before, Cyprus is the perfect place to discover the unique underwater world. Experienced divers have the opportunity to explore archaeological remains and stony gardens covered in sponges on the bottom of the sea, as well as diving on the fascinating wreck of Zenobia.

The wreck of Zenobia is one of the most famous dive sites in Cyprus. The cargo ship sank near the coast of Larnaca during its maiden voyage in the early eighties and belongs to the world’s top ten wrecks that are accessible to recreational divers. With a length of nearly 200 metres, it lies in a perfect diving depth of 20 to 30 metres. Advanced divers can dive through the wreck for a distance of 70 metres and explore the twined corridors and the cabins.

But Cyprus has a lot more to offer: Being culturally unique, it is also an Eldorado for bikers and hikers. Aldiana in Alaminos, with which we are affiliated, offer further wide-ranging wellness and sport opportunities.