Training & diving courses

Introductory Dives

We offer trial dives in the pool several times a week to give a first introduction to scuba diving.

Dive Courses

Whoever is interested in learning to dive after this experience can join a diving course following SSI, CMAS or PADI standards. The course takes 4 days. Theory lessons alternate with the diving sessions (6 dives) to ensure a diversified schedule.

After successful completion of the course, the students receive an internationally recognized certification (i.a.c. Open Water, SSI or PADI Open Water Diver). For those who only would like to have a look at the gorgeous underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean, we offer introductory dives of 15 to 20 minutes. Already at a depth of 4 to 5 meters maximum one feels like swimming in an aquarium and can enjoy the marvellous underwater world. This experience is offered on an individual one to one basis.

In addition, we offer continuing education courses up to CMAS*** and PADI Divemaster/SSI Divecon as well as different specialty courses and diving with Nitrox. All specialty courses will be trained and certified after the regulations of SSI, i.a.c. and PADI.


Kids Diving

At the Werner Lau Diving Center in Fuerteventura we are also offering diving for children. For Children from the age of 8 we offer “flipper diving”. This program is conducted in the swimming pool and children are playfully learning diving skills. Once they have completed 3 lessons, they receive a recognition badge (bronze for the first time, silver for the second time and gold for the third time). At the age of 10 years, they can enrol for the “Junior Open Water Diver “ course.


Physical examination and diving insurance

To participate in a diving course or any other recreational diving activities, a medical statement signed by a physician is required by law in Spain and therefore mandatory. The physical examination can be done by the resort´s physician.
A scuba diving insurance and the proof thereof is required by law as well for participation in any diving activities.