Dive Area

Nitrox certification and a Nitrox diving computer are required due to the diving profiles on the safari. If you do not have a Nitrox certification, a Nitrox course has to be completed on MY Sheena (180,00 USD – to be paid in cash in US$ on Sheena).

7-day trips Filitheyo – Filitheyo

The tours start every Sunday leaving from Filitheyo. The routes usually go from Nilandhe Atoll to Meemu Atoll and then up to Felidhoo Atoll. In Nilandhe Atoll we start with our check dive. From there we move west to Meemu Atoll where we dive reefs and channels such as the Manta spots Valley of the Ray or Boahura Express, Mantas & More, Rayvilla Wreck, Kingdom of Fish, Western Highlight, Happy Corner and Lucky Reef. Further North, dive sites like Fotteyo and Golden Wall are on the agenda. With a lot of luck we can see hammerhead sharks there.

For this tour a minimum of 60 logged dives is required!

Tour may vary!

7-day trips Male – Filitheyo / Filitheyo – Male

These tours have a different route than the tours Filitheyo – Filitheyo. Two options are possible.

Option A: MY Sheena starts after the check dive from Filitheyo (Nilandhe Atoll), going via Ari Atoll to the North Male Atoll. Dive sites such as Kuderah Tila, Angaga Tila, Panetton, Malhos Tila, Fish Head and Maja Tila for the night dive are on our agenda.

Option B: These tour starts from Hulhule (North Male Atoll), going via South Male and Vaavu Atoll to Meemu Atoll and ends in Filitheyo (Nilandhe Atoll). Dive sites such as Embudhu Express, Kandhoma Tila, Alimatha Housereef (night dive), Golden Wall, Fotteyo, Happy Corner/Lucky Reef, White Tip Station and Western Highlights are on the schedule. The last dive will be close to Filitheyo in Nilandhe Atoll.

Both transfer tours will take you to the beautiful tilas and channels of the Maldives with amazing soft corals, schools of fish, white tip reef sharks, grey and silvertip reef sharks. Often we are rewarded with hammerheads, manta rays or wale sharks.

Advantage of this tour: You only need one transfer by air taxi!

For this tour a minimum of 60 logged dives is required!

Tour may vary!

12-day trips – Best of Male and Ari Atoll

Quit new are our 12-day trips to spot Mantas and whale sharks at the best dive site in the Ari and Male Atoll in August and July every year. As an exception, these trips start and end in Male.

We will begin our tour in South-Male Atoll at spots like Kandoomaa Tila and Guraidhoo Corner.
Our trips take place during the whale shark and manta season in Ari Atoll at Mamigili Outside. Chances to dive there with these giants are really high! More highlights in the Southern Ari Atoll are for example Broken Rock, Lucky Hell and others. In the Northern Ari Atoll we will dive at spots like Malhoos Tila, Fish Head and Mayaa Tila. From there we will continue to Rasdhoo Atoll to see the hammerheads.

Since our 12-day trips start and end in Male, there is no air taxi transfer needed.

For this tour a minimum of 60 logged dives is required!

Tour may vary!

14-day trips

This 14-day trips to the south of the Maldives start and end in Filitheyo and will lead you into the deep south of the Maldives. On this unique route we visit reefs way down south. A special highlight of this trip is the crossing of the „One and Half Degree Channels“ (Huvadhoo Kandhoo), which is a large channel between Laamu- and Gaafu Alifu Atoll. At Meemu-, Thaa-, Laamu- and Gaafu Alifu Atoll excitement and unique experiences at unexplored reefs, Thilas and Kandus await you. Especially Gaafu Alifu Atoll is untouched by divers and full of surprises. Maldives diving at its best!

Attention: For this trip a minimum of 100 logged dives is required!!!

Tour may vary!

7-Day Special Trip Gaafu Alifu Atoll

We will schedule most probably two 7-day special tours in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll in the month of April. The tours will not start from Filitheyo, but from further south in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll. We will pick up our guests at Kooddoo national airport. At the end of the tour we will bring them back to Kooddoo in time for the transfer to Male airport. Lots of channel dives are on the agenda, e.g. Viligili Channel, Kooddoo Channel, Nilandhoo Channel, Kondey Kandy and Fonadhoo Kandu. On top of that we will do some exploration dives on these tours. Gaafu Alifu Atoll is more or less unexplored by divers and offers some surprises. The idea for these two 7-day special trips came into existence through our popular 2-week safaris in February and March and should allow our guests to discover the Gaafu Alifu Atoll within only one week.

The air taxi transfer will be from/to Male – Kooddoo.

For this tour a minimum of 60 logged dives is required!

Tour may vary!

2 Week Special Trip Gaafu Alifu Atoll

This 2 week special tour in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll is more or less the same as the 7 day special tour in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll. In addition to the dive sites in Gaafu Alifu Atoll, there will also be a trip to Fuvah Mulah.

The Best of the Best Maldives – 7-Day Special Trip Gaafu Alifu and Fuvah Mulah

Touring the Gaafu Alifu Atoll this 7 day special trip runs twice a year during March. The tour doesn’t depart as usual in Filitheyo but further south in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll resp. on Fuvah Mulah (Fuvahmulah).
You will start the first of the two Gaafu Alifu tours at Kooddoo National Airport. In the course of the route many channel dive sites like Viligili Channel, Kooddoo Channel, Nilandhoo Channel, Kondey Kandu and Fonadhoo Kandu are visited. To conclude, there will be a detour to Fuvah Mulah. We have pelagic life on the agenda. Tiger sharks, oceanic manta rays, blacktip oceanic sharks and hammerhead sharks abound. The return transfer will also take place from Fuvah Mulah National Airport.
The second tour is the same as the first, but this tour will start at Fuvah Mulah National Airport and end at the Kooddoo National Airport in Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

Attention: This tour requires a minimum of 60 logged dives!!!

In addition, two domestic flights are necessary:

Tour 1: Male – Male/Kooddoo and Fuvah Mulah/Male
Tour 2: Male – Male/Fuvah Mulah and Kooddoo/Male

Tour may vary!

Transfer Tour – Filitheyo – Kooddoo (Gaafu Alifu Atoll) / Kooddoo – Filitheyo

(take place before and after the 7-day trips at Gaafu Alifu Atoll in March)


This transfer tour takes us from Filitheyo (Nilandhe Atoll) via Thaa and Laamu Atoll to Kooddoo (Gaafu Alifu Atoll). From Kooddoo we will start our 7-day special trip at Gaafu Alifu Atoll. You need a minimum of 100 logged dives to participate in those trips! We dive at sites such as Monthaas and Valley of the Rays, Beauty of the Beast, Kandharu Kandu and Jackfish Channel, Dolphin Channel, Sharks & Rays and Viligili Channel. Great dives with a big variety of soft corals and lots of big stuff, lots of channel crossings, tilas and giris, manta rays and sharks promise a diversified week during the best season of the year. The second transfer tour starts from Kooddoo (Gaafu Alifu Atoll) and ends in Filitheyo (Nilandhe Atoll). The tour itself will be the same as the first tour – just the other way round.

Attention: For this trip a minimum of 100 logged dives is required!!!

On top of that you need for every tour two different air taxi transfers:

Tour 1: Male – Filitheyo and Kooddoo – Male
Tour 2: Male – Kooddoo and Filitheyo – Male

Tour may vary!

For detailed information on dive sites see: Dive Sites

Group and full charter tours can be arranged on request.