MY Sheena Tour – KW 52 – 24. – 30.12.2017

Sunday, 24.12.2017

Barracuda kandu

Check dive with a medium incoming current was with clear visibility like 20 meters to see. There were many white tip reef sharks, sting ray, bat fishes, a turtle and plenty of other reef fishes to see. 

Sunday, 25.12.2017

Filitheyo outside – Western Highlights – Mantas & More

Filitheyo out side with incoming small current was also another check dive for some divers. Weight checked at the beginning and went to the reef edge, white tip reef sharks were deep and shallow, grey reef sharks in the blue at deep, more sharks while drifting to the safety stop. 

Western highlight with out going small current was nice with thousands of fusiliers, an eagle ray, school of barracudas, big eyed travellies, lionfishes and scorpion fishes were seen. 

Mantas and more with a medium to strong in Ming current. We saw plenty of white tips and grey reef sharks, many eaglerays, a turtle, many dog tooth tunas and so on. 

Sunday, 26.12.2017

Mantas and more – Happy corner – White tip station

Mantas and more in the morning with a mild north east current, we started the dive right at the corner with many grey reef sharks, few big barracudas, a school of 12eagle rays, and a lots of baby grey reef sharks and snappers, on the reef. 

Happy corner with a small incoming current we crossed the channel easily, saw dozens of grey reef sharks, some white tips, few eaglerays and as always, the jacks and barracudas. 

White tip station with a medium out going was with a limited visibility and was nice to see plenty of fishes, tunas, jack fishes, many different snappers. 

Sunday, 27.12.2017

Lucky reef – Rakeedhoo kandu – Miyaru kandu – Alimatha house reef

White tip station with a strong incoming current in the morning was cool. A lots of grey reef sharks, few silver tip sharks, many white tips and some eaglerays and a big manta ray coming out of the channel was superb. 

Rakeedhoo kandu was at its best with a medium incoming current and a current split right at the corner. We were with big grey reef sharks, some white tips, eaglerays, napoleons all the dive. We were so lucky to see a big sword fish which swam very fast in to the blue. 

Miyaru kandu again with incoming small current, there were more than 20 grey reef sharks, some white tips, napoleons and so on. 

Alimatha night dive is always great to see more than a fifty nurse sharks swim over our head, swimming through divers, stingrays looking for food right in front of divers. It was totally amazing

Sunday, 28.12.2017

Dhevana kandu – Fushi kandu – Fottheyo kandu

Dhevana kandu with a medium incoming current, we took our time to cross this small channel while seeing plenty of big grey reef sharks and some baby greys too. At the end was a nice drift in to the channel exploring the many pinnacles. 

Fushi kandu with not so strong but incoming, we had about ten sharks just hanging in the current, few stringrays resting inside the channel, a napoleon came very close. 

Fottheyo was with a strong incoming current. We had lots of fun going through the caves full of soft corals and had some grey reef sharks and a couple of white tips, many tunas, and lots of other fishes. 

Sunday, 29.12.2017

Fottheyo – Vattaru kandu – Divers paradise

Fottheyo early morning dive was a success, we were in the blue looking for hammer heads for 20 minutes, there were glittering planktons in the blue, no hammer head shark yet so we came and drifted along the reef, there were few grey reef sharks and big tunas, one eagle ray. And at the very end of the dive a great hammer head shark came out of the channel swam fast into the blue. 

Vattaru with medium out going current, we saw a sting ray, napoleons, unfortunately no manta this time. But the deep overhangs with blue soft corals was a highlight 

Last dive of the day with a medium to strong in coming current, we had several white tips, grey reef sharks, couple of eagle rays and many other fishes. Was an easy dive with so much to see. 

Sunday, 30.12.2017

Happy corner – Shark point

Happy corner with a medium incoming was with plenty of sharks, big eyed travellies, barracudas and so much life in it. 

Shark point as last dive we had the strongest current from this trip. So much life at the corner and we just stood there till we drifted towards our safety stop. 

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