Sheena Tour 07.01.-13.01.18


No diving


Filitheyo outside – Western highlights – Valley of the Ray

Check dive at Filitheyo out side with a medium incoming current, we started dive on the out side reef, adjusted weights, all equipment working perfectly. On the channel edge, we had few white tip sharks, a stingray, some grey reef sharks were in the blue. Then drifted inside the channel with a big school of batfishes. 

Western highlight was with a school of 17 eaglerays, couple of white tip sharks, school of yellowfin barracudas, and some intact corals. 

Last dive at Valley of the ray was amazing, we spend 60 minutes with three manta rays, at the cleaning station. 


Valley of the ray – Beauty and the beast – Ali shafiu Kandu. 

Again a perfect dive at valley of the ray with better visibility and more manta rays through out the dive. 

Beauty and the beast was with mild incoming and we had plenty of sharks and some eaglerays. 

Ali shafiu Kandu we crossed easily while watching sharks, sharks, and more sharks


Dhiyamigili outside – Maxims Kandu – Dolphins Kandu 

Dhiyamigili outside was an easy drift dive on the outside reef and the corner. We had couple of eagle rays, barracudas, some white tip reef sharks to see. 

Maxims kandu, we had some out going current and still we manage to see some eaglerays, napoleons, couple of grey reef sharks and some white tip reef sharks. 

Dolphins Kandu was cool with a dozen of grey reef sharks and few white tip reef sharks.


Sharks and rays – Viligili Kandu

Sharks and in the morning was with a small incoming current with clear visibility. There were white tips, grey sharks, eaglerays and stingrays etc..

After a 7 hours drive we arrived Gaafu Alifu, and made a late afternoon dive at viligili Kandu. Was cool to see so many grey reef sharks and some big green turtles. 


Kooddoo Kandu – Nilandhoo Kandu – Maarehaa

Kooddoo we got out going current. So the visibility was not the best but we still had couple of sharks, stingray and a cool drift. 

Nilandhoo Kandu we dive to the beautiful wall of sea fans and nice hard corals, we had a zibra shark, some big green turtles, napoleons, white tip shark and an amazing drift along the reef. 

Maarehaa was with incoming current, there were some grey reef sharks, a school of eagle rays, and many more…


Gemanafushi outside – Kooddoo inside.   

We had early morning dive at gemanafushi outside in the blue. Spend about 30 minutes in the blue and on the way back to the reef, one curious hammer head came very close and went out into the blue. 

For the last dive, we went to kooddoo inside reef and that was a success. We started the dive with three big oceanic black tip sharks, and then ended the dive with a school of five more oceanic Black tip sharks. Was just amazing!! 

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