A different world

Alam Anda - Bali

Our housereef is already a real eye-catcher during the day but in the night time it transforms into a completely different world. Almost all fish are hiding in the night time to be protected from predators until the start of a new day. But who thinks that you cannot see a thing, couldn’t be more wrong. There are many organisms only appearing in the night. For example the Gorgon´s Head, a giant basket star with branching arms specialized for catching plancton. Sea pens and coral polyps too can be only seen in the shine of the torch during a night dive. Other nocturnal animals are crustaceans and most slugs and nudibranchs, also moray eels are some of the few fish active during the night. Our dive instructor Christof took some pictures on one of those night dives to give you a little taste.

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