Welcome at Cape Coral

By way of exception, I would like to present you an alternative to diving.


The State of Florida is located in the south-eastern region of the United States and known as the “Sunshine State”. The peninsula is bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and to the west and south by the Gulf of Mexico.
Cape Coral is located in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida and the climate is very pleasant and healthy with a light, but constant breeze from the sea. From May to October, mean high temperatures are around 33°C and from December to February, mean low temperatures are around 24°C.

Cape Coral is also known as Florida’s Venice and life can be enjoyed to the full. Gulf plays a very important role, which is hardly surprising since there are plenty of great and inexpensive gulf courses on offer.

Moreover, you can swim on lonely beaches. You can reach untouched beaches by boat, leaving from your house’s jetty, or you can even travel via inter coastal waterway across Florida to the East coast and from there to the Bahamas, if you like. A boat driver’s license is not necessary in Florida.
Further leisure activities are fishing, and basically all other water sports as well as cycling, hiking in the Everglades and dining. And shopping, of course! Or go for a ride on a Harley Davidson?

Our Villas at Cape Coral, Florida: