Boating from our villas, which all have their own dock, is of course a very special highlight.
Pristine beaches were on you… Great beach restaurants, interesting canals, dolphins and manatees and much more to experience.
In Florida, no boating license is required for this
We work with the best boat rental company in Cape Coral.

MSC Boots is run by Alex, a Swiss.
The boats will be brought directly to your house and you will receive a detailed briefing.

Please rent the boats directly from MCS, we only provide you with the information here.

Boats can be rented by the day and for longer periods. This is possible directly at Cape Harbor (3 min. by car) or we can help with the mediation. The boat will be taken directly to the jetty. A boat license is not necessary, a briefing generally takes place, partly also in German.

The following conditions and additional costs apply to all boats offered here!

Boats can be delivered and picked up to addresses within 20 miles of Cape Coral.

Approximate dropoff time on first day: 9am
Approximate pickup time on first day: 4pm

We can accommodate your vacation schedule! Contact us after booking to arrange alternate delivery and pickup times.

Mandatory fees for Boat Delivery & Instruction ($200) and Seatow Insurance ($25) apply.

  • What’s included?
    The rental price includes: boat rental, sales tax, and cleaning of the boat.
  • Do I need to have a boat driver’s license?
    A boat driver’s license is not mandatory for renting and driving a boat in Florida. You only need a valid driver’s license. If you were born on or after January 1, 1988, you will need a Florida Boating Safety Identification Card.
  • What about boat instruction?
    On the first rental day, you will receive a very detailed boat instruction. It not only includes operation of the boat, but also the rules and peculiarities of the local boat traffic.
  • Are the boats insured?
    The boats are commercially insured. It’s not allowed activities such as water-skiing, tubing, knee boards, wake boards, banana boats, and the like.

Regal 29 OBX/500HP

$1,300 – $7,500
500HP • Up to 13 Passengers

Chaparral SunCoast 250/300PS

$875 – $4,380
300HP • Up to 14 Passengers

Key West 239 FS/250 PS

$875 – $4,380
250HP • Up to 10 Passengers

Sea Ray 240/300 PS

$875 – $4,380
300HP • Up to 13 Passengers

Hurricane SunDeck 2690/300 PS

$1,176 – $6,348
300HP • Up to 14 Passengers

Chaparral SunCoast 230/250 PS

$760 – $3,700
250HP • Up to 12 Passengers

Bennington SX23/150PS

$660 – $2,970
150HP • Up to 11 Passengers

Sea Ray 270/350 PS

$1,125 – $7,250
350HP • Up to 14 Passengers

Chaparral SunCoast 210/150 PS

$660 – $2,970
150HP • Up to 8 Passengers

Hurricane SunDeck 240/250 PS

$760 – $3,700
250HP • Up to 12 Passengers

Chaparral SunCoast 230/200 PS

$760 – $3,700
200HP • Up to 12 Passengers

Yamaha 242 Limited SE/360 PS

$690 – $6,100
360HP • Up to 11 Passengers

Robalo Bowrider R207/150 PS

$792 – $3,564
150HP • Up to 8 Passengers

Hurricane SunDeck 2690/350 PS

$1,090 – $5,290
350HP • Up to 14 Passengers

Hurricane SunDeck 240/300 PS

$760 – $3,700
300HP • Up to 12 Passengers

Four Winns HD 240/250 PS

$600 – $5,150
250HP • Up to 13 Passengers