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Fuerteventura – 05.04.2020

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The coast and beaches are patrolled by boats and helicopters 🚤 🚁
The sea, the roads, the footpaths, the beach – everything is as if it had been swept clean.
Only the goats are walking funny and relaxed through the area 🐐
No wonder we finally live on the goat island 😂🤣
Since Fuerteventura belongs to Spain, the official exit ban also applies to us 🇪🇸
Even walks are not allowed there is absolute silence, even the sea seems to rest 🌊
One thing is for sure, nature has time to breathe – what would we give now to be allowed to stick our heads under water for a short time.
But what to say – we have to be patient, need to be persistent and hope to go diving with you again soon.
So – keep your head up 💪

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