Captain’s Patent

Blog Fuerte – 13.03.2020

Finally done 🥳🥳🥳
In October Basti & Sylvie started with the first of five courses on the way to the Spanish captain’s patent.
Now all courses and exams have been passed 😉😉
We have had a new member in the team since March 1st.
Gabi will work for us as captain so Basti & Sylvie can prove their year at sea under the supervision of a patron.
The former owner of Petra Santana is an absolute asset to our team.
She not only drives our Capelli but is a real stroke of luck with her perfect Spanish knowledge, decades of experience with paper stuff / boats and her former job as a diving instructor.
Welcome to Team Patrona Gabi we are happy that you are finally here 🙏

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