The new Scuba Diving generation is queing in the chain already…

Blog Fuerteventura – 14.06.2018

Scuba Diving is not only supposed to be for adults but also for children as we realize every year again. A lot of parents as well as children keep asking for lessons even tough they don´t reach 8 years yet. On the one hand a pity on the other hand “Thanks god”. Not because we don´t like kids but because of the risk they are unable to foreseen and of course also because they are simply to young in terms of body growth. Their body will need a lot of energy in order to grow proper and they better save this power. But the queue of brave youngsters is long and we do have some of them waiting to become 8 to finally start release these bubbles. Bottom rule is to become 8 before starting any kind of Scuba Diving activities. AS of this age we offer our Flipper program. There are 3 stages to be promoted to. Each of these stages includes 3 single lessons. The youngster may reach the level of Flipper Diver Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once you finished 3 single lessons you will be graduated and get an individual certificate including underwater picture of the young bubble maker. You shouldn´t believe but some of these youngsters reach Open Water Level already. We are glad and lucky to guide this new generation on their way and to see them becoming grown up Scuba Divers.

Sincerely your Werner Lau Fuerteventura Diving Center Team

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