The silence and swarms after the storm

Blog Fuerteventura – 17.03.2018

Finally, the storm and the cold season are over. Finally, the cool water is shining in usual colors and harmony. Finally, again beautiful and wide underwater visibility. The way it should be. After a long bad weather period we are moving upwards. The idyll is back to normal. White sandy beach is slightly moving to turquoise and later deep dark blue water. Postcard style! At the moment barracuda and sardine schools turn rounds in our area and leave us divers with eyes wide open. Swarms swim coordinated in one direction, the strongest and sportiest fish are at the front of course. Why actually swarms? Advantage: the single fish protects itself easier against attacks. The entire swarm is building a huge single body in which the attacker can´t spot the single fish. Disadvantage: there is always some collateral damage. Meaning the attack will work and it will hit some of the swarm members but the chances for surviving of the single ones are much higher. Still a swarm will always be a breathtaking under water scenario. Now are you getting hungry for diving? Meet swarms and many more here with us at Werner Lau Fuerteventura!

Sincerely your Werner Lau Fuerteventura Diving Center Team

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