addition to the family

Blog Fuerte – 21.10.2019

Lisa & Julia, both former guests, have been part of our team since mid-September and are now also part of our small diving family.
Soon they receive the title Divemaster/Diveleader, which they have already more than earned.
At the moment, the two “sheeps” are supporting the regular team Tobi, Basti, Sylvie & Torsten until the end of the year.
A few days ago our two girls decided to join us next year as well ❤️
They want to become diving instructors 🙌🙌 so they will stay with us for a long time.
Papa Basti, Mama Sylvie, Uncle Tobi & Torti are delighted with this decision 🥰🥰🥰🥰
We do not doubt for a second that all guests who will get to know our girls will have the same experience 🥳🥳
Lisa & Julia just have to take it to her heart – it’s nice that you are here chicalinas!!!!!!!!

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