InterDive Friedrichshafen 2019

We are back at Lake Constance from September 26th - 29th, 2019, at which time the InterDive exhibition will be held in Friedrichshafen. For the first time this year throughout the fair, in parallel with InterBoot. We have sensational trade fair offers in our portfolio [...]
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Buddyweeks Egypt 2019 – 2020

Werner Lau Buddyweeks = If you pre-book a diving package or a diving course, the first diver pays the regular price and his/her buddy will only pay 50% for the same package or course. The Buddyweeks are available for the following travel periods and destinations: [...]
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Desk Calendar 2020 – the winners have been chosen

The decission has been made and the winners of this year's competition have been announced. This year it was particularly difficult to make a decision. There were just too many wonderful underwater shots. Unfortunately we can only add 12 pictures to our desk calendar. The [...]
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Reef clean up

Blog Oasis - 18.09.2019 Recently we had a group under the organisation of Jenny here that cleaned up pur dive sites on land and under water for one week. Cristina, Micha, Vladimir and Andrew did a great job and freed the nature from a lot [...]
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Impressions part 2

Blog Oasis - 11.09.2019 Here we go with the second selection of the pictures from Urs Zbinden. A big thank you from our heart again and see you soon!
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Impressions part 1

Blog Oasis - 04.09.2019 Our guest Urs Zbinden gave us wonderful pictures that he has been taking throughout his holiday at the Oasis. They show a small selection of the rich variaty the red sea has to offer and they also tell a story about [...]
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New outfit for our back staff

Blog Oasis - 28.08.2019 Finally the new outfit for our hard working back staff employees is here! In bright red with black logo they´re being recognized even better. As you can see, Shauky, Shazly, Ashraf, Ramadan, Ahmed, Mahnmoud and Ali were delighted to proudly present [...]
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Fish Schools

Blog Oasis - 20.08.2019 Many times during our dive trips we also encounter bigger fish schools. Some of them impress because of their colours, their variety or their formation. Anyways, it´s a pleasure looking at them and admiring mother nature. If you´re lucky, you even [...]
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