Shirin returned

Blog Oasis – 28.02.2023 Shirin was at The Oasis once again and took as usual many nice pictures, you´re only seeing a small selection here. Thanks a lot Shirin and see you the next time!
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New year, new us

Blog Oasis – 31.01.2023 We hope that you had a pleasant start into the new year! Our guests were surprised by a whaleshark at our house reef :-) That´s how we wish this year to continue. We´re looking forward to seeing you! Thanks a lot [...]
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Christmas at The Oasis

Blog Oasis – 27.12.2022 Our team of chefs and service employees worked their magic one more time and created a fantastic buffet on the 24th of December. We hope that you´ve had nice holidays and will be able to maybe enjoy some quiet time until [...]
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Marine life

Blog Oasis – 30.11.2022 Here is a very small selection of marine life that can be spotted when diving with us :-) Thanks a lot for the pictures Frank!
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Dugong alarm

Blog Oasis – 30.10.2022 Our guests came back from their trip to Marsa Egla this week with a big smile on their faces :-) The Dugong was showing up! Thanks a lot for the pictures to Ebrahim, Frank, Gunnar, Jona, Manuela and Ulrike!
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