A look through Rainer´s lense

Blog Oasis – 31.10.2023 Our longtime repeater guest Rainer was here again and went diving multiple times. He captured very beautiful moments, you can see a small selection here. Thanks a lot Rainer and see you again next time!
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Just let go and relax

Blog Oasis – 30.09.2023 Luca had a relaxing vacation at The Oasis and left us these wonderful pictures in the end. If you feel inspired by them, you should definitely visit us too :-) Thanks a lot Luca!
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Sunset bliss

Blog Oasis – 31.08.2023 Amongst fascinating underwater world, beautiful beaches, pure relaxation and delicious food, we also have astonishing sunsets. Come visit us :-) Thanks a lot to Eva and Bernd for the pictures!
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Extended family

Blog Oasis – 31.07.2023 Nadia was visiting us again at The Oasis, meanwhile she became part of the family :-) We´re looking forward to seeing you again!
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Blog Oasis – 30.06.2023 Sometimes it´s worth having a closer look. Thanks for the pictures, Jona Haslbauer!
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