Małgorzata Sładkowska (Gosia)

Nationality: Polish
Born: 13.10.1974
Languages: German, English, Czech, Polish
Instructor since: 2011
Egypt Experience: since 1997
Hobbies: Kundalini Yoga, scuba diving, underwater photography, traveling
Log. Dives: 600+
Favorit Dive-Spots: Red Sea
Favorit Meal: Spaghetti, Thai Food
Favorit Sweets: dark chocolate
Favorit Drink: Hot water with lemon, red wine, gin & tonic

Peter Bossert

Nationality: German
Born: 17.07.1962
Languages: German, English, some French
Instructor since: 1996
Egypt Experience: since 2001
Hobbies: travelling
Log. Dives: +3500
Favorit Dive-Spots: Elphinstone, Ras Mohamed
Favorit Meal: Asian and South German cuisine
Favorit Sweets: Zabaione
Favorit Drink: Real good Red Wine


f.l.t.r.: Peter (Hotelmanager),Yasser (Accounting Assistant), Farag (Accounting& Personal), Nour (Restaurant), Ahmed (Maintenance), Ahmed (Rezeption), Ahmed (Houesekeeping), Mahmoud (Security), Ali ( Küchenchef), Gosia (Manager Assistant)