Hotels around Marsa Alam

Our team from the Oasis Diving Center collect you from all below mentioned hotels , take you to the diving centre and back to your hotel after your dive trip.

If the hotel you have booked is not listed, let us know. We will sort out the possiblities.

Hotel Entfernung
Solitaire 0,5km north
Kahramana, Calimera, Amaraya 2km south
Elphinstone Verasub 1.3km north
Habiba Beach / Eden Village 1km south
Shagra Camp 3km south
Deco Chamber 3km south
Blue Reef Resort 3.5km south
Dima Beach Resort 4km south
Abu Navas Resort 4km south
Cupidon Marsa Alam 4km south
Cataract 4.5km south
Brayka Bay 6km south
Hermes Equinox Resort 8.9km north
Concorde Moreen, Abu Dabour 9km north
El Malikia Abu Dabbab 9,2km north
Oriental Bay 9,5km south
Abou Dabbab Diving Lodge 9,5km north
Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort 12km north
Happy Life Resort 13,7km north
Badavia Resort 19,2km north
Nada Beach Resort 20,1km north
Shuni Bay Hotel 21km north
Royal Resort 21,1km north
Tulip Resort 22,8km north
Fam Resort (Vormals Moon Resort) 25km south
Marsa Alam Port 26km south
Tower Marsa Alam 30km north
Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort 36km north
Coral Beach Marina Lodge (Port Gahlib) 36.3km north
The Palace(Port Ghalib) 38km north
Siva Port Ghalib 38km north
Airport Port Ghalib 41km north
Resta Reef Resort 44km north
Sol Y Mar Dar EL Madina 44km north
CORAYA (Lamaya, Somaya, Solaya) 44km north
Iberotel Coraya Beach 45km north
Holiday Beach Resort 46km north

More hotels on request