We recommend all guests of “The Oasis” take advantage of the opportunities to experience the fascination of the surrounding Eastern Desert!

The “Eastern Dessert” has been a silent witness to various cultures for thousands of years. The Romans, Ptolemy dynasty and the ancient Egyptians have all left their mark…

We will introduce you to the natural wonders of this desert, send you on a journey through the eventful history of the region and we will show you the stars! All you could wish for – on foot, by camel and/or by jeep.

Sunset in the desert

Sunset in the desert Peace and quiet can be found at the so-called MADHAFA, a Bedouin guesthouse, in the silence of the desert, not far from the OASIS. The tour begins in the afternoon. After a short drive through the desert, we reach our rendezvous [...]


Astro-Tour One does not often have the chance to observe the stars, as one does in the EASTERN DESERT. Undisturbed by light and noise, your observation of the starry skies is a unique experience. Through the guides` explanation, the mysteries of the "universe" start to [...]


Shalatin Shalateen is a trading centre, 260km south of Marsa Alam. Located between Marsa Alam and the Sudan, it was until recently closed to any form of tourism. Therefore, one now has the unique opportunity to explore the area, as one of the the first [...]

Emerald Towns

The Emerald Towns - National Park Wadi el Gemal (Valley of Camels) This tour combines numerous distinguishing aspects of the EASTERN DESERT: impressive landscapes, encounters with wild animals and a remote location with historical sites. The tour starts early in the morning. After travelling along [...]

Tour to Edfu & El Kab

Tour to Edfu & El Kab You are driving upcountry towards the river Nile and the cities Edfu and El Kab. After visiting the Horus temple you will have a walk through the old city of Edfu and the and the market place. Lunch will be [...]