The Emerald Towns – National Park Wadi el Gemal (Valley of Camels)

This tour combines numerous distinguishing aspects of the EASTERN DESERT: impressive landscapes, encounters with wild animals and a remote location with historical sites. The tour starts early in the morning. After travelling along the coast for approximately one hour, we arrive at the National Park, “Wadi el Gemal” – named after the valley “Wadi el Gemal” (Valley of Camels). In the first century, this part of the wadi, was an important trading route between the Red Sea and the Nile. For a desert, it is relatively lush and green. Thus, encounters with wild animals are quite frequent.

We continue our journey eastwards. Along the route, many traces of the “EASTERN DESERTS” changing history, can be found: Roman settlements for travelling caravans, graves of the Blemmi (ancestors of the Bedouin), and much more. After travelling for 2 hours, we arrive at the ruins of the city Geli, from the Roman period. From here, the emeralds were processed for further transportation to the Nile. There is the possibility of climbing a nearby hill, to enjoy an exquisite view of the area stretching to the Nile. After a short journey, we arrive in the Roman town of MARFUAH, where similarly, emeralds were processed. From here we wander over the sand dunes to our place of rest, where we enjoy our lunch being served in the romantic setting nature has created for us. We continue our journey on to one of the most famous ancient settlements in the National Park – Sakit. Sakit is particularly spectacular because of it`s well preserved ruins, one of them a temple, carved out of rock.


110,- EUR per person (a minimum of 2 Person)

All prices incl. 14% Sales Tax.