Shalateen is a trading centre, 260km south of Marsa Alam. Located between Marsa Alam and the Sudan, it was until recently closed to any form of tourism. Therefore, one now has the unique opportunity to explore the area, as one of the the first visitors.

Being one of the most important trading centres in southern Egypt, Shelatin comprises a mixture of various ethnic groups. True Africa, begins here. Camels arrive from the Sudan, bringing special handmade crafts, which are traded for goods, otherwise not available in their own country. Everywhere, one can see the purple “kalabeias” of the Rashaid, a wealthy tribe through the camel trade. The Bishari and Ababda, are ethnic groups from the Sudan. Whips and curved daggers are worn as symbols of status. There are otherwise numerous small stalls, selling seemingly everything available. Here, one experiences Arabic culture in it’s purest form!


80,- EUR per person (a minimum of 2 Person)

All prices incl. 14% Sales Tax.