Sunset in the desert

Peace and quiet can be found at the so-called MADHAFA, a Bedouin guesthouse, in the silence of the desert, not far from the OASIS. The tour begins in the afternoon. After a short drive through the desert, we reach our rendezvous with the camels. With these, we continue our journey further on to join the Bedouin.

After approximately 30 minutes, we arrive at the MADHAFA (guesthouse) – an excellent viewpoint from which to observe the colourful display of sunset in the desert. While sharing a cup of coffee, tea and bread (all freshly prepared on site), one is able to enjoy the hospitality of the Bedouin, and experience their true way of life.


65,- EUR per person excl. food (a minimum of 2 Person)

All prices incl. 14% Sales Tax.