One does not often have the chance to observe the stars, as one does in the EASTERN DESERT. Undisturbed by light and noise, your observation of the starry skies is a unique experience. Through the guides` explanation, the mysteries of the “universe” start to unfold, and all possible questions are addressed. A powerful laser is used to accurately point out various stars and their constellations.

Participants can also make use of telescopes to more accurately observe objects in “DEEP SPACE”. For 10 days of the month, the moonlight is too bright to be able to view the stars undisturbed. Nevertheless, we would also like to invite all our guests to become familiar with the desert by moonlight. Thus, one can either enjoy a truly indescribable experience viewing these heavenly bodies, or simply enjoy the atmosphere of the desert by moonlight.

The duration of this tour is approximately 3 hours, and begins after dinner.


Combination of the Astro and Sunset tours

It is also possible to combine both tours, i.e. Sunset in the desert together with the Astro tour. Dinner, prepared by the Bedouin, which includes a traditional desert barbecue, not to be missed!


40,- EUR per person (a minimum of 4 Person)

All prices incl. 14% Sales Tax.