Some are leaving others just arrived…

Blog Fuerteventura – 17.12.2018

We just sent the latest Scuba Diving Superstars Martin and Julius out to the real world and we are welcoming a new face already. There is a new flair in Fuerteventura and we say “Hey and Welcome Yannik” our newest Divemaster trainee. As of the 15th December he is heading for the seat of his previous challenger. We are wishing the very best and crossing fingers for him. Nevertheless, we don´t want to skip the past. As you can see on the pictures the guys received a proper good bye. We are still trying to understand why clever scientists keep speaking about the big bang as it just took place here with us in Morro Jable. Guys it was a blast for us and you know it already! Stay brave and keep reaching out to create such wonderful chaos! See you soon somewhere on this tiny globe!

Sincerely your Werner Lau Fuerteventura Diving Center Team

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