Squids – Who is who?

Blog Fuerteventura – 21.07.2019

Most people use the name squid when they mean an octopus.
However, the octopus family is much more diverse and includes animals such as squid and cuttlefish.
“Octo” is Greek and stands for the number eight and “pous” for foot.
So the name means as much as “eight-footed”.
The number of tentacles is, by the way, the easiest way to distinguish an octopus from other specimens of the squid family.
While it has eight tentacles, the other ten have ten.
In addition, octopuses have 3 hearts.
The largest heart carries the oxygen-rich blood to the whole body, while the other two carry the blood in the gills.
Since the blood contains a lot of copper, it is not red but blue.
The females die after the birth of the young!
The preparation takes six weeks until the little ones are ready.
The mother feeds and protects her children during this time.
If she is hungry during this time, she prefers to eat her arm instead of leaving her children alone.
After that she dies from exhaustion.
Who is who?
We wish you a lot of fun counting the tentacles 😊

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