MY Sheena Tour – KW 47 – 19. – 25.11.2017

Sunday, 19.11.2017

Dolphins Corner

The guests arrived all in the morning. Afte the welcome-breefing we get ready for the check dive. Strong incomming current is pushing us along the ouside reef into the channel. Eagle Rays, Whitetips and a lot of fish escorting us. Nice start for the week.

Monday, 20.11.2017

Filitheyo Outside – Western Highlight – Manta´s & More

During our dive we discovered a nurse sharks, couple of whitetips, some moray eels and a lot of snappers. After the first dive we crossed the main-channel to the  Meemu Atoll.A lot of fish, nice coral live and some baby sharks are waiting for us. Mantas & More, only one thing to say about this dive side, it is just pure awesomeness. Come and see it for yourself.

Tuesday, 21.11.2017

Mantas & More – Sharks Tongue – Whitetip Station

We tried our luck for some Mantas in the morning, sadly we had no luck. We got some white tips, rays and found a big family of lobsters. Time for some channel crossing, greys, whites and eagle rays are the standard in this channel.

Wednesday, 23.11.2017

Lucky Reef – Rakheedhoo Kandu – Alimatha Uturu Kandu – Alimatha House Reef

Lucky Reef, another dive side with pure awesomeness. It doesn´t matter if the currrent is in or out. You will always find some sharks and a lot of fish here. The whole day we got some Greys, Whites, Eagle Rays and shitloads of Jacks. During the famous night dive at Alimatha we were surrounded by Nurse Sharks and Stingrays.

Thursday, 23.11.2017

Bodu Miyaru Kandu – Golden Wall – Fotteyo

Greys and Whites as usual. Golden Wall was waiting for us with a small incomming and an relaxing drift dive along the wall. Beautiful soft corrals and some dive thrus, this is Fotteyo. For some of our guides one of the best dive sides in the maldives.

Friday, 24.11.2017

Fotteyo – Shark Point – Divers Paradise

Early Morning Hammerhead-Time. But small outgoing current and a bad visibility brings us no luck today. But at Divers Paradise we got them all. Greys, Whites and Silvertip Sharks got spotted. Happy sharks and happy divers.

Saturday, 25.11.2017

Lucky Reef – Western Highlight

The last dives of this trip brings us sharks, shitloads of fish, nice corals and some turtles. All guest are happy, same as last week, not a single dive without a shark. Again: Mission accomplished.

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