Logbook 01. – 08.03.2020

MY Sheena – 7 days tour from Gaafu Alifu Atoll to Fuvamulah Tour

Best of the Best of the Maldives

With a new group of 12 guests, we start our tour in the atoll of Gaafu Alifu.
Our guests arrive via the airport on the island of Koodoo.

02 March 2020

Dive 1 – Viligili Kandu
Dive 2 – Koodoo Kandu
Dive 3 – Fish Factory

The first dive of the tour is at Viligili Kandu.
This nearby channel is filled with sharks and turtles made for a great and relaxed first dive for our guests to get back into the channel diving.
The second dive of the day is at Koodoo Kandu.
We have a mild to medium incoming current. With these easy conditions crossing was comfortable and visibility was awesome. A lot of sharks and some macro life such as ribbon eels and torpedo ray’s.
The final dive of the day is at Fish Factory.
This is off of the house reef of Koodoo and is a baited dive that produces mainly oceanic blacktip sharks with the odd Napoleon wrasse and a few big giant king fish.

03 March 2020

Dive 4 – Viligili Kandu
Dive 5 – Nilandhoo Kandu
Dive 6 – Maarehaa Kandu

We start the day returning to Viligili Kandu.
Stronger current this time and even more grey reef sharks. And a whaleshark sighting to top it all off.
We move to our next point of anchor for our second dive at Nilandhoo Kandu.
We spot  large schools of grey reef sharks and a lone lemon shark.
Our last dive of the day is at Maarehaa Kandu
It was a great channel for crossing. We had a good time on both corners with many schools of grey reef sharks.
We end the day with watching the sunset on a small abandoned island with some cold beers and a large bonfire.

04 March 2020

Dive 7 – Koodey Kandu
Dive 8 – Maarehaa Kandu
Dive 9 – Koodey Kandu

We start our day with a dive at Koodey Kandu.
This very wide and deep channel is not ideal for crossing but compensated with an abundance of coral life on the inside.
Our second dive of the day is at Maarehaa Kandu.
We spot many turtles, mostly green with some hawksbill. Schools of sharks patrol the drop off in the middle of the channel.
Our third dive is at Koodey Kandu where we see silvertips and some greater barracuda.
Ending our dive with a drift over the amazing corals inside the channel.
We spend the night crossing from Gafu Alifu to the island of Fuvamulah.

05 March 2020

Dive 10 – South Plateau of Fuvamulah
Dive 11 – South Plateau of Fuvamulah
Dive 12 – Tiger Zoo

We reach Fuvamulah just in time for our first dive on the south plateau. These open blue drift dives are a bit of a gamble. Sometimes you see it all, some times not much at all.
This time not much but some pelagic fish. Big barracudas and schools of rainbow runner.
The second dive at the South Plateau produces a thresher sharks and a greater hammer head.
Our last dive of the day is at Tiger Zoo.
This site is located at the harbor mouth. It has many giant king fish and barracudas, quite a few silvertip sharks, but the main attraction are the tiger sharks.
Up to 5 at once. They come very close as this is a baited dive.

06 March 2020

Dive 13 – South Plateau of Fuvamulah
Dive 14 – South Plateau of Fuvamulah
Dive 15 – Tiger Zoo

The day starts with a dive at South Plateau.
Not much to look at until a whaleshark made an appearance just before the end of this dive.
The second dive of the day the South Plato produces a shy tiger shark who came quite close before fading into the blue.
We end the day with Tiger Zoo
Spotting many tiger sharks again and ending our dive with a drift other some interesting profile as the tigers make some more passes by.
Our evening is spent with a special feast prepared by the crew. Decorated perfectly.

07 March 2020

Dive 16 – North Plateau of Fuvamulah
Dive 17 – South Plateau of Fuvamulah

Our final diving day of this tour.

We start with a dive on the North Plateau.
This is a smaller reef but with much more coral and makro life such as, Pipe fish and paper fish.
The final five of the tour was on the South Plateau with some unfortunate luck.
No big encounters to report.

08 March 2020

We would like to thank our lovely guests and amazing crew for a great tour.

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