MY Sheena Logbook 03. – 10.02.2019

MY Sheena Tour Filitheyo – Filitheyo 03. – 10.02.2019



After all the paperwork is done and everyone is ready, we head over to our first spot for the check dive at Dolphins corner.

Dive No. 1 Dolphins Corner

We are facing a slow incoming current. During the drift we are accompanied by and big turtle which checks each diver out individually – really a cool exiting turtle. Furthermore, there are some whites and at the corner loads of fish and 4 big Napoleons.


Dive No. 1 Barracuda Kandu

Dive No. 2 Western Highlight

Dive No. 3 Simply the Best

We start our first dive of the day at Barracuda Kandu treibt uns eine gemütliche einlaufende Strömung geschmeidig durch den Kanal. A slow incoming current gives us the opportunity to cross the channel really smoothly. We nearly fly through the channel, passing by a swarm of barracudas and red snappers. When we hold on by the edge, around 10 white tips circle around us.

We made it over to Meemu, really nice dive there we face an outgoing current and jump behind the thila at Western Highlight where we spot directly 3 eagle rays. Loads of macro stuff and beautiful corals are to see there. Ther where also a few big Napoleons and turtles and at the end even two Mobulas.

Simply the Best starts with a slow incoming current and turned during the dive in to super-strong. At the split point loads of fusiliers, snappers and white tips are to see.


Dive No. 1 Mantas & More

Dive No. 2 Happy Corner

Dive No. 3 White Tip Station

The first dive of the day is really relaxed, loads of Fusiliers, Yellow Striped Snappers. In between some big Tunas hunting. As well we spot a few Grey Reef Sharks and one single Bump Head Parrot Fish.

Happy corner rocks, nice incoming current, we look for shelter in the deep colourful overhangs while we watch huge amounts of Grey Reef Sharks and a few Silvertips.

Our third dive take place a White Tip Station with outgoing current. We fly through an swarm of Red Snappers and Barracudas. At the corner a group of 6 Greys are circling around. We watch them until the end of the dive.


Dive No. 1 Lucky Reef

Dive No. 2 Shark Point

Dive No. 3 Alimatha Housereef

Our morning dive at Lucky Reef surprises us with many Barracudas directly at the beginning. We drift through them while two massive Napoleons accompany us on the left and right side. What a nice start of the day.

Shark point is amazing with it’s beautiful overhangs and big blocks Around 20 Grey Reef Sharks are straight there at the beginning of the corner. Furthermore, loads of fish is around the blocks. We cross the channel and just enjoy the scenery.

Great night dive with around 50 Nurse Sharks at Alimatha House Reef as well as loads of stingrays, we just wait and watch.


Dive No. 1 Uthuru Kandu

Dive No. 2 Fottheyo

Dive No. 3 Golden Wall

At Uthuru Kandu we are facing a strong incoming current, perfect conditions. We head down to the corner where massive amounts of Grey Reef Sharks are circling around. We stay there as long as we can and drift inside the channel to finish our dive smoothly.

Fottheyo has a beautiful Channel Edge, full of overhangs fully grown with soft corals, gorgeous gorgonians and white corals. We facing an outgoing current and hiding below the corner through the overhangs where we spot a stonefish. Throughout the dive we find some Napoleons and a couple of Grey Reef Sharks passing by.

Golden Wall is just beautiful. Like the names says it’s along the wall for a few hundred meters covered with soft corals in all kind of colours. We facing an incoming current and directly check out the edge where a big swarm Barracudas stays and loads of Grey Reef Sharks are. After 10 minutes we head over to the golden wall and enjoy the beauty of the reef.


Dive No. 1 Fottheyo

Dive No. 2 Vattaru Kandu

Dive No. 3 Vattaru Kandu

Fottheyo we like to dive as Early Morning Dive because there are always very good chances for hammerhead sharks. Unfortunately today we have no luck with hammerhead sharks but we are compensated with a school of dolphins. During the comfortable drift dive through the colorful overhangs we see some grey reef sharks.

Vattaru Kandu is the only channel of this atoll. Beautiful overhangs stretch along the entire reef. At the edge a big swarm of barracudas is already waiting for us. As we drive further into the channel we are surprised by three manta rays.

The third dive of the day is also done at Vattaru Kandu. It is similar to the first but there are only two manta rays.


Dive No. 1 Western Highlights

Dive No. 2 Little Channel South

On the last diving day we can do only two dives. At Western Highlight we find a lot of small animals at thila, some beautiful snails and two stonefish.

The last dive of this tour we do at Little Channel South with incoming current which drives us to the blocks. Two big barracudas and a huge grouper are waiting for us.


We say goodbye to our guests and say thank you. The Sheena is now being prepared for the new guests who are already waiting in Male for their transfer.

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