MY Sheena Logbook 20. – 27.10.2019

7-Tage Tour – Filitheyo nach Male – Private Charter Tour

Trip number 6 this season and the signs are looking great.

After a couple of rainy days, the rain finally stopped totally and Poseidon seems happy to greet us again with amazing visibilities.

20 Oktober 2019

After small delays with the local flights from Male to Filitheyo our Sheena guest from Germany (9) and Holland (2) arrived relaxed on the Sheena and had a beautiful jump in the 29 degrees warm water after a welcome drink.

The welcome briefing and the cabin briefing were done quickly before going over to a  chilled evening with a small briefing about the itinerary of the trip and introducing our crew. New on the Sheena this time guide Flo from Germany, who can’t wait to get this started.

We are going from the Faafu Atoll, over the Meemu Atoll, before heading to the Felidhe Atoll and finally arriving in the Kaafu Atoll.

21 Oktober 2019

Dive 1 – One Way Ticket (Faafu Atoll)
Dive 2 – Western Highlights (Meemu Atoll)

Goooooood morning everybody!!!

6:00 o’clock wakeup call and briefing for our check dive in the morning. This is what divers love. The first dive site is called “One Way Ticket” (dive 1) and the perfect place to getting warm for these 7 days of joyful diving. After the current check by our experienced guide Ved it was clear, this water is clear!! 40 m plus visibility on the first day are promising and a nice birthday gift for our guest Sonja.

After a beautiful first drift dive with some weight check we received a lovely made breakfast on board and went to a well deserved break after.

On the way to the Meemu Atoll and the second dive site called: “Western Highlights” (dive 2). Again, amazing visibility with some sharks and plenty schools of fish.

This was already the last dive for the day as there were urgent celebrations of Sonja’s birthday. Well, I can tell divers can celebrate too 😉

22 Oktober 2019

Dive 3 – Manta’s and More (Meemu)
Dive 4 – Happy Corner
Dive 4 – Happy Corner

Waking up in front of Medufushi island resort with a beautiful sunrise is what we experienced this morning. We got on the diving dhoni and went to “Manta’s and More” (dive 3). with nicely incoming current, plenty of fish and the first grey reef sharks on this trip.

For the 2nd and 3rd dive we went to “Happy Corner” (dive 4; dive 5) the best dive site in the Meemu Atoll. This narrow Channel (Kandu) offers everything a divers heart is striving for: plenty of white tip sharks, grey reef sharks, marble ray, hawksbill turtle, huge barracudas and plenty other school of fish. Both dives were just amazing. Following the third dive we went on a local island called “Dhiggaru” for discovering the real maldivian lifestyle and eat real smoked tuna. All in all another complete day with amazing diving, spiced up with some local experiences (food).

23 Oktober 2019

Dive 6 – Happy Corner
Dive 7 – Rakhedoo Corner
Dive 8 – Fotteyo Kandu

The wow day of the trip so far. Starting the day with another dive at “Happy corner” (dive 6) with medium incoming current this morning. UNCOUNTABLE AMOUNT of grey reef shark, the estimations reached from 50-60 and we didn’t talk about the rest of the fish around. After our last dive in the Meemu Atoll we crossed to the Felidhe Atoll for our first dive at “Rakhedoo corner” (dive 7). A narrow channel with amazing huge overhangs. Plenty of fish like Trevallys, a massive Napoleon, big grey reef sharks just to name a few. Last, but not least the highlight of the day “Fotteyo Kandu”(dive 8) also a narrow amazing channel. The topography alone would make this dive a sensation. All the named before were here as well of course. The grey reef sharks were even more curious came closer or were lying on the sandy pitch close to us. At the end of the dive we even saw pikachu and co as a group of Chinese divers in costumes crossed our way and we had a big laugh at our well deserved deco-beer.

24 Oktober 2019

Dive 9 – Fotteyo Kandu
Dive 10 – Golden Wall
Dive 11 – Alimatha Uthuru Kandu
Dive 12 – Alimatha House Reef (Night Dive)

Where are all the days gone? Already 5 days and no signs of tiredness on board. Today there are even 4 dives on the schedule and we starting the day with a wake up call at 5:00 followed by a briefing at 5:20 for the morning “Hammerhead” (dive 9) dive out in the Blue close to Fotteyo Kandu. We could not find the hammerheads, but therefore a massive barracuda and an oceanic shark.

For our second dive of the day we went to “Golden Wall” (dive 10) before we were heading to the famous Alimatha resort. Our third dive took place at Alimatha Uthuru Kandu (dive 11) and the final night dive the night dive we made at the house reef of Alimatha (dive 12). This night dive is famous for his cuddling nurse sharks. They were not afraid of swimming through our group or even through our legs.

25 Oktober 2019

Dive 13 – Alimatha Uthuru Kandu
Dive 14 – Kandooma Thila
Dive 15 Kandooma Thila
Dive 16 – Explorer Night Dive

Another day, another dive. This morning we starting with our last dive in the Felidhe Atoll at Alimatha Uthuru Kandu (dive 13) before heading to the Kaafu Atoll. At our 2nd and 3rd dive of the day at “Kandooma Thila” (dive 14; dive 15) we saw the biggest turtles ever – they were big as tables. Followed by a night dive, a new discovery we never tried before, but it in the end it was the perfect ending of the day (dive 16).

26 Oktober 2019

Dive 17 – Kandooma Thila
Dive 18 – Kurumba House Reef

Last morning dive of this trip and finally we got it – strong current is still existing and it was a mind blowing dive at “Kandooma Thila” (dive 17) this morning with plenty of grey reef sharks, huge Trevallys , turtles and all the other stuff, just name it. After a small transfer we reached “Kurumba House reef” (dive 18) close to Male. A last time “briefing” and a last hop into the 29 degree water, for our guest before their flight home.

27 Oktober 2019

Thanks for diving with us, it was a truly pleasure to host you and we surely looking forward to see you again here.

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